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In short, Saith Yoga seeks to bring to Life the Yoga of yoga by providing the evolving yoga technology which Liberates the individual from the dominant and confining practices that are so common in the ego-based culture.

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Welcome to the NEW saithyoga.com!  We are currently perfecting our interactive web page and our ((Virtual Studio)) which will supply new classes regularly for you to enjoy at home or wherever you have a strong internet connection!  Also, there will be regular additions to the ((Insights)) page which functions like a BLOG. Curious about the quotes at the top of this page ... Näthan unpacks these points so that you may begin to understand why the Saith Yoga approach is so different than others.  

Want to delve deep into this method... in person?  We offer regular events that we like to call ((Sanctuaries)) as they are intended to create a safe and powerful space for each participant to take Yoga beyond the mat and into their lives.  Hence the ((Yoga to Life)) tab in the menu bar which takes you to our events page where you can truly delve into the wealth of detail regarding the events as well as learn more about the guides on the ((The Guides)) Page.  Enjoy, and remember to register with us to access the classes or to receive e-mails and updates